Complete HCC Risk Adjustment Medical Coding Software

Designed by medical coders, for medical coders. Minimizes clicks and sub-searches, making coders and auditors more efficient and effective.

Want to improve Risk Adjustment coding speed and accuracy, minimize risk of coding errors, and boost productivity and efficiency?

You need HCC Coder.

HCC Coder is the only software available for Risk Adjustment coding that was built from the ground up by medical coders, for medical coders.

HCC Coder boosts productivity and efficiency using an interface that is intuitive; one that has been refined to move step-by-step along with your coding/auditing process. It's packed with all of the content you need, and eliminates everything else. Now, you don't have to wade through irrelevant information to find the Hierarchical Condition Category codes most relevant to your work.


Most Features Of Any Medical Encoder

As a one-stop solution, HCC Coder gives you easier access to all of the necessary tools and resources for successful Risk Adjustment coding. Being able to focus work within one app reduces operational costs. It saves time for both your IT department and boosts coder/auditor productivity.

HCC Coder's library of resources lets you code faster, identify correct Risk Adjustment codes quicker, makes search by keyword or code easier, simplifies the claim auditing process, and gives you simpler and more accurate chart abstraction.
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All the resources you need
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Quickly identify and verify
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Maximize coding accuracy

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AHA Coding Clinic® Seamlessly Integrated

Quick access to the AHA Coding Clinic helps you maximize coding accuracy and uniformity, helping you identify the correct Risk Adjustment codes faster. Having the AHA Coding Clinic a click away boosts coder productivity and efficiency, decreases operational costs, saves time, and makes Risk Adjustment auditing easier than ever.


Our Clients Say:

"I love your product; I use it every day, all day long. I couldn't do it without it.

"I like the ease of use and the ultra-fast responses. The accessibility to a broad range of resources is a real asset.

"You have wonderful software - I prefer using you over any other company. Your service is great.

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HCC Coder is your complete Risk Adjustment medical coding tool. Whether you're an individual coder, medical executive, hospital or physician group, an insurance company, or other medical coding professional who wants the most intelligent Risk Adjustment tools available, HCC Coder is your expert solution.

Start using HCC Coder now and immediately improve your coding speed and accuracy, decrease risk, and boost revenue!