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HCC Coder is the leading enterprise solution for streamlined diagnostic coding and medical chart abstraction.
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HCC Risk Adjustment Is Becoming the Currency of the Future

Millions of dollars are being left on the table because the accuracy of medical coding is frequently less than optimal. Often, risk scores are not being identified and submitted in a manner that otherwise would result in more accurate review and payment. Misinformation, improper coding, unclaimed funds, and increased administrative burden are prevalent.

The problem has been a challenge for some time, and innoviHealth now has an amazing solution that all began with identifying unmet client needs.

Several years ago, innoviHealth received a request from a key coding decision-maker at an enterprise-level medical payer. She described the fast-approaching need for a tool that would identify, prioritize, and calculate risk adjustment scores. As a result, innoviHealth developed HCC Coder—a product that is now the industry benchmark.

Ask yourself, do you have the right solution to validate claim accuracy and collect all of the revenues that you deserve?

innoviHealth has the precise resources that you need for all of your HCC coding requirements. Our solution is vetted daily by thousands of HCC coders worldwide and is backed by over 25 years of coding, reimbursement, compliance, and content experience.

HCC Coder is the diagnostic coding platform that finally
“gets it.” Our clients agree:

I like the ease of use and the ultra-fast responses. The accessibility to a broad range of resources is a real asset.

I love your product; I use it every day, all day long. I couldn’t do without it.

You have wonderful software—I prefer using you over any other company. Your service is great.

Key Benefits of Using HCC Coder


1. Reduce the risk of coding errors

HCC Coder is a one-stop shop for risk adjustment coding. HCC Coder’s simple design and easy access to all of the necessary tools and resources allows every coder to operate more efficiently and effectively from day one. Our intelligent dashboard cuts through information overload and presents a high level view of all relevant resources and enables you to make the most informed decisions.

2. Quickly identify and verify correct codes

With over 25 years of medical coding experience, innoviHealth understands HCCs inside and out. Using our HCC tool means that your coders are able to quickly identify and validate the most diagnostic-appropriate HCC risk adjustment codes.

3. Code more charts in less time

When you integrate the correct medical codes with the most comprehensive library of coding and billing resources on the market, coders are able to complete more charts, more quickly. Instead of spending unnecessary time and energy searching for the correct codes and supporting research, coders are now able to complete charts faster than before.

4. Maximize coding accuracy

For anyone involved, denials can cost time and money to sort out and correct. By using HCC Coder as their diagnostic coding tool, coders can complete charts at a much higher level of accuracy than ever before. HCC Coder is intuitive, easy-to-use and provides immediate, unprecedented access to all of the right information.

A Powerful & Unique Solution


5. Boost productivity and efficiency

HCC Coder’s interface adjusts to show only the most relevant resources so coders can focus on getting the job done quickly, in a distraction-free environment. Now, coders can more easily streamline diagnostic coding, which makes them not only more efficient but more effective.

6. Increase revenue

One frequently missed code can cost millions annually. Customers who use HCC Coder are telling us that their per-claim payments have significantly increased vs. alternative methods. Tools like Reverse Index Lookup ensure that other closely related codes are available for immediate review.

7. All the resources you need, right at your fingertips

HCC Coder is a unique tool that can either replace your current methods or serve as an additional resource. HCC Coder doesn’t just bring up HCC codes, it also includes non-HCC codes and other research so you can have all the resources you need in one place. Other encoders have partial HCC solutions, but don’t tackle the entire HCC challenge. We provide ICD-10 Common Language Descriptions (CLDs), drug information, HCC Mappings (including Rx and ESRD), and more so you can have all of the functionality and resources you need together in one solution.

8. The service that’s customer-driven

HCC Coder was built in direct alignment with the specifications of industry experts and clients. It’s been customer-driven and customer-refined for coders and by coders from the very beginning. As a result, virtually all of our clients have seen dramatic improvement in their results in charts per hour as well as accuracy and productivity.

Your Complete HCC Solution, All in One Place!

  • Streamlined Diagnostic Coding
  • Simple and Accurate Chart Abstraction
  • Easily Searchable by Keyword or Code
  • Intuitive, Customizable Interface
  • Risk Adjustment, Simplified
  • One-Stop Shop for HCC Coding
  • Fast, Simple, Amazingly Accurate
  • Easy-to-Use, Distraction-Free Environment
  • Customize Your Product Mix and Pricing
  • Unparalleled, U.S.-based Customer Support

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HCC Coder is a powerful, unique and easy-to-use tool that also includes Web or on-site training, and is backed by unparalleled, US-based customer support. In fact, it’s so easy to use, your team will be up and running on day one!

Whether you’re an individual coder, medical executive, hospital or physician group, an insurance company, or other medical coding professional who wants the most intelligent tools available, HCC Coder is your expert solution.

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